Using the website

The Riley RM Centre website, complete with  illustrated range of spares on offer, has been set up to enable spares orders (not payment) to be taken from RM Club members.  In order to satisfy the requirements of the Centre’s mutual trading status, members will need to register with the site using their membership number, and the Club system will then allocate their order to their account as usual.

Registering on the site

To place your first order, you will need to set up your account by entering your membership number (remember to include the ‘s’ if you have joint membership!), email address  (this should be the same as the one you’ve given the Club) and  password (minimum of 8 characters, including at least one upper case, one lower case & one digit).  You will also need to tick to say you agree to the RM Centre’s terms & conditions and Club privacy policy, and complete an anti-robot test.  You will then get a confirmation email while your account is verified by the Spares Centre; once approved, you will receive another email and will then be able to place orders on the site.

Using the site

Parts can be viewed in a variety of ways; clicking on the Parts menu will take you to a page of parts categories – Bearings, Body, Brake systems, etc – along with a sidebar of search options.  You can search for parts either by typing in their name (or part of description) or part number (from the RM Club Spares List) into the Search box, or you can narrow down the range of parts you’re viewing by selecting the appropriate part category, RM model, or engine size.

The site works the same way as many ecommerce sites; logging in with your membership number & password will enable you to put spares in your ‘basket’ (which will then be saved for you if you log out), and to proceed to the ‘checkout’ screen.  Here you will asked for your membership number again, as a check.  No payment is taken through the site; if your order total is less than £200, you will be invoiced with the parts as usual – over £200, you will need to send a 50% deposit to the Spares Centre, again as usual.  Once the order is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email, and it will be processed by the Spares Centre; we will send another email when it has been completed and despatched. However, please bear in mind that delivery times cannot be guaranteed.  An invoice will, as usual, be sent out with the completed order.

Not yet an RM Club member?

If you haven’t joined the Riley RM Club yet, head on over to The Riley RM Club website and go to the Membership page, where you’ll find full details of how to join